Tuesday, February 19, 2013

finally some good news!

After harassing calling the MRI department and my surgeon’s office for the last several days, I finally have my MRI results! The nurse I spoke to earlier this morning said that I would be hearing from Dr. Ogren later this afternoon and that she’ll want to schedule surgery “quickly”. The MRI showed the tumor was “stacked and shaped like a C.” That explains why the biopsy was done in a place other than where I was feeling the bump. Errr, I mean lump. She said to think of it as a tidal wave. Living landlocked all my life, my knowledge of tidal waves is lacking, so I googled. This is a tidal wave:
So my cancer lump is “bizarre!”  Dr. Ogren went onto say that there are no signs of cancer lumps (side note:  some of you know that there are a few words that I dislike. Greatly.  Tumor and lesion will be added to that list, effective immediately.) in the other breast and that the lump has not left the tissue and is far away from the chest wall and she is confident that surgery will remove everything.  And as she warned us, she took all of our choices off the table and will be doing a full mastectomy because of the large size of the cancer lump.  After consulting with an oncologist, it has been decided that I will now also be having radiation following the chemo.  At the time of surgery they will do the sentinel lymph node biopsy to confirm that the lymph nodes are not involved, but she doesn’t think they are.  They will also place a port so I don’t have to endure seven pokes at each chemo appointment!
Since I am “a great candidate for immediate reconstruction” I will be meeting with a plastic surgeon tomorrow.  Following that meeting, her people will contact Dr. Ogren’s people and they will settle on a date.  Although she said it would probably be the first week of March since that is a day they both set aside.  Silly me for thinking “quickly” would be anything less than a full month! 
My dad leaves for Africa on March 1st and I’d like to have it done before then if at all possible.  So I am praying for something sooner, will you pray with me?
So praise the Lord for some good news!  I know MANY of you have been praying with me and sometimes for me on those days when all I can do is sit and know that when there are no words, God hears my heart.  And your words. 

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    Celebrating this bright spot with you friend....and praying with you through the others :-)