Monday, February 11, 2013

The Day After

Saturday February 09, 2013
I went to tea with my mom, Ella and GG in Minneapolis.  We didn’t want to tell GG with Ella around and my mom and I did the best we could, but it was a long tea.  Very good food  though.  The chicken Dumpling soup and Chocolate Almond cake were my favorites.  I found myself having a mild panic attack while I was there.  I couldn’t take a deep breath, and that made me wonder if the cancer was spreading to my lungs and that was the reason that I couldn’t breathe, and that made it harder to breathe.  I felt like Peter.  Exactly like Peter as he was walking on the water out to meet Jesus and took his eyes off of Him and began to sink.  Once I reigned in my wayward thoughts,  got out in the fresh air, with my mind set on what is true, honorable, just,  pure, lovely, commendable, excellent and praiseworthy, I could breathe again.

We told Rick’s parents.  We don’t like having to tell people.  Especially when there is nothing to tell.  We told Lenny first.  Sweet Lenny.  I’ve always loved his hugs.  This one was probably my favorite.  When Linda called him on the phone a while later,  he told her to come on home, that Rick and I had some news.  From where I sat, I could imagine her asking him if we were announcing a pregnancy.  And he said, “No. Just come on home.” How I wish that was the news we had to share. 

We went over to our friend’s home, along with some other friends, for homemade pizza. Delicious!  We shared our news and then forgot about it and talked and laughed and ate and had a great time.  Before we left, they prayed for Rick and I.  How blessed am I to have friends like this!  As I walked to my car, Kara called my name and with tears in her eyes, she hugged me tight.  I think she said something too, but I was so moved by the tears in her eyes and the genuine love felt in her hug that I missed it. 

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