Friday, March 22, 2013


When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I could not think of one person that I knew that has had breast cancer.  I knew of people, 3 to be exact, through people who knew someone that had breast cancer.  While that still remains true, people that have had it or people that are close to someone who had battled it are coming forward.  And what a blessing that has been. 

My friend, Kristen, walked this road very closely with her sister not that long ago.  She has been a resource that I can go to and ask those questions.  Their mom, Nancy, is also a survivor.  She also happens to have been my principal when I was teaching!  Small world, huh?  They know what my family and me are going through and are now praying us through and being a blessing to us. Thank you Wetsel family!

A co-worker and close friend of my sister Jamie supported her mom through her battle with breast cancer.  She sent home a bag of goodies for me, and one of the items in that bag with this:

This was something that Jo had in her home throughout her mom's diagnosis and treatment.  She passed it along to me! Thanks Jo!
Rachael's mom passed along bookmarks with words that encouraged her during her journey, and now they can encourage me.  And the Satin Lips will be a life saver for my chemo parched lips! Thanks Rachael and Rachael's mom
And Erik, while he didn't have breast cancer, he knows my dreaded future with Adriamycin and the side effects.  So I am set when the smells around me that I've never noticed all of a sudden bother me to no end! Thanks Erik.
My friend Andi's friend is a survivor.  They're going to teach me and my family and friends how the Susan G. Komen 3 day is done, how to encourage the walkers this year and hopefully being a walker next year.  Andi has also been pro-active in thinking about my soon to be bald head.  Rick was sad that he didn't get a matching one! Thanks Andi!
 A fellow New Life alumni mom won her own battle against breast cancer and sent a basket full of blessings from someone who has been there, done that.  Thanks, Beth!
All of these gifts are greatly appreciated and are encouraging to me to see all the people that have been on this same journey.  And they are all survivors.

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  1. I'm happy you like your hats. I haven't made one for a man yet, but I'll be happy to try to make a good one for Rick if he really wants to match! LOL
    Loves & prayers to you and your family, my friend!!! (This blog makes me post under "MNHockeyMama" - this is Andi - in case, duh, you hadn't already figured that out. I know, I'm a dork. Ha ha)