Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Path to Bald

I like to plan things. Vacations and Ella's birthday parties to be specific, but everything else as well.  I'm done trying to anticipate what Monday will be like.  Chemo affects everyone differently, the doses are different and there are many different variables.  I am praying to be symptom free, but I am planning for the worst.  So I am working on a list of things that I would like to get done before chemo starts, just in case I run into worse case scenario. 
Up until now it has been up in the air as to whether or not I would be able to travel to Phoenix for Rick's brother's wedding in two weeks.  We purchased our airline tickets in December, but as my chemo schedule started to form, we quickly saw that the trip we currently had planned would not work with chemo.  My oncologist is willing to move the start of my second round of chemo back two days and the airline allowed us to completely rebook the trip so I will get to go to the wedding with the best man and flower girl.  Still, as we look at the dates that we will be in hot, hot, Phoenix (there is a reason that I love living in Minnesota, and it is not the summer!) next to the dates of the my chemo, we realized those dates match up perfectly.  I have been told that between days 14-21 of chemo is when I will start to notice hair loss.  I've also been told that because of the chemo I am being given, it's closer to days 10-14.  Regardless of which one is correct, we will be in Arizona when I lose my hair.  So I just want to be prepared as much as I can before we leave, before chemo starts. 
Yesterday I took another step in the path to baldness.  In the safety and comfort of an in home hair salon, with a dear friend sitting nearby, I got my hair cut.  The stylist called it seven inches.  I call it wig length.  Pantene calls it enough to donate.  Jill calls it cute.  Ella cried. I feel so much lighter and so much in control of how I respond to what is coming.  I'm ready for chemo and ready for bald.

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  1. We are praying for symptom free, too, Melissa! Praying for you every single day. Continuing to read all your posts. Love you much.